» Are you a good skier or snowboarder ?
» Do you take longer to go up than to go down ?
» Do you look at the mountains and wonder about the possibilites ?


Skiing (or snowboarding) off-piste is often the goal for the more experienced. The pleasure of skiing in powder and the large open spaces only belong to those who venture outside the normal limits. In recent years there have been several accidents (sometimes fatal) outside the security of the pistes; in many cases simply due to lack of knowledge and irresponsibility.

There is a real danger in heading off-piste, but the risks can be limited by considering the right elements: avalanche risk, weather, route preparation, correct equipment, communication with piste security and other local knowledge are the essentials when preparing an off-piste excursion. The off-piste available around Vaujany is exceptional, though difficult to access.

ESF Vaujany can offer off-piste excursions with one of our qualified instructors, whether it be your first time (“initiation”) or you are already an experienced off-piste skier/snowboarder.
We make sure you have a DVA (an avalanche transceiver), a shovel and a probe; and that you know how to use them. We check your ability on a piste before selecting the most appropriate off-piste itinerary. Obviously the choice of itinerary is dependant on weather and snow conditions.

During any off-piste excursion our instructors will continue to give you safety advice and help with your technique; and where possible will also point out things of interest (the conditions of the snow, the flora and fauna…etc).

We are waiting to take you on a new and unique experience under the safest conditions possible!

SeasonHigh Season
 • Afternoon // 13:00 - 16:30199€220€
 • All day // 9:00 - 16:00 ( Up to 4 peolple)385€430€
 • Morning // 9:00 - 12:30199€220€
High Season : 25 - 30/12/2022 and 05/02 - 3/03/2023