Children’s Group
Ski Lessons

Our group ski lessons (from the age of 3) are a great way for your children to learn to ski in total safety. We also hope they will enjoy making some new friends and make the most of their holiday in Vaujany!

Our group lessons can go up to 12 or 13 children (during February half-term), though most of the time we limit the numbers to 8 or 9 to ensure a much better teaching environment. The objective of a week’s group lessons is obviously to make sure your children enjoy themselves, whilst at the same time improving their technique and independence, working towards the test at the end of the week (finishing with a medal ceremony).


  Our group lessons run from 09:00 – 11:30 and (during school holidays) 14:15 – 16:30.

 • 1 trial lesson44€
 • 5/6 lessons // Morning or afternoon174€
 • 5/6 lessons "Competition" // Morning or afternoon174€
 • 5/6 days // Morning lessons + lunch298€
 • 5/6 days all day without lunch //
10/12 lessons morning and afternoon
 • 5/6 days all day including lunch //
10/12 lessons morning and afternoon + lunch
 • NEW Prestige lessons
Lessons available 12:00 till 14:00 during vacation
5 or 6 days with 6 students max. Ourson / Third Star

* With the children’s lessons for the week the price includes the medal (8€).



We have several different levels
depending on the ability of your children:


I am 3-4 years old and I am skiing for the first time.


I am 5-12 years old and I am skiing for the first time; or
I am still under 5 but I have my Garolou medal (I have done a week in PIOU-PIOU and I can change direction on my skis).



I know how to control my speed on an easy slope and can stop in the snowplough position.
I can turn in the snowplough position on an easy slope.
I can get up an easy slope using “duck-steps” or by “side-stepping”.

1ére ETOILE (1st STAR)

I can descend in the snowplough position but I am putting my skis parallel between each turn.
I can traverse across a slope with my skis parallel.
I can ski over small bumps without falling over.


2éme ETOILE (2nd STAR)

I am starting my turns in the snowplough position but I finish my turns by side-slipping with my skis parallel.
I can go back up a slope after a turn by “stepping” my skis up the slope.

3éme ETOILE (3rd STAR)

I can ski practically parallel.
I can side-slip diagonally across a slope.
On the flat I can move using the skating technique.

Etoile de Bronze (BRONZE STAR)

I can ski parallel, and my legs are no longer just straight, they have a good position.
I know how to use the edges of my skis.
I can stop quickly by side-slipping after having built up some speed.


I am able to choose the best line down a piste.
I can link several short turns whilst controlling my speed.
I can jump over a bump.


I already have my Etoile d’Or.
I am starting to get good results in the flèche (giant slalom). I can alternate the rhythm and radius of my turns, using my skis to their maximum.