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Skiing down a groomed piste is not the only thing to do whilst on a winter holiday. In recent years snowshoeing has become an increasingly popular way for people to discover the mountains. However, it is always better to be taught a good technique, and appreciate the potential dangers of the mountains.


ESF Vaujany offers snowshoeing excursions with a mountain guide who is able to give you good advice whilst at the same time making the experience an enjoyable one!

Make your reservation directly with Alain Hillion : 0033.685.735341


Have you seen the skiers whose bindings are not attached to their skis at the heels, and when they make a turn their knees are almost touching their skis?
Have you ever thought “how do they do that so elegantly”?

This is telemarking – not a new technique, but probably one you haven’t tried?

The Norwegian skier Sondre Norheim is know as the father of telemarking – a skiing techinque that uses elements of alpine and nordic skiing (“Telemark” being a region of Norway). In 1868 Norheim won the first national skiing competition, beating his younger competitors by a large margin. If this inspires you to try something a bit different, or just for fun, why not ask for a private lesson with one of our instructors who can telemark?